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What We Do

Kisuma is a leading chemical company with applications in various industrial markets. We are the world's largest producer of synthetic hydrotalcite. Kisuma's technology ensures that our customers can innovate and transform, with a key focus on sustainability. We play an active role in various industries, such as plastics, medical and pharmaceuticals, agriculture, coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers and many more.


Kisuma Chemicals has been located at Bilitonweg in Veendam since 1999. At our plant, we produce synthetic magnesium compounds, such as hydrotalcite and magnesium hydroxide. Conventionally, hydrotalcite is used as an acid substitute in the plastics industry, and magnesium hydroxide is suitable for use as a flame retardant in plastics. We continue to innovate our products and diversify their applications across markets.

The plant's current production sees more than 100 people working 24/7 in shifts at the plant to achieve rapid production.

We are the largest synthetic hydrotalcite production site in the world.

Member of Setolas 

Kisuma is a member of Setolas. This strong network operates in 10 locations across different parts of the world: from Asia, the Middle East and the United States to Europe. This network allows us to be close to our customers, a crucial part of our service that ensures we deliver the right product at the right time in a prompt and efficient manner. 

Local Community

We are a leading international group, but we also share the responsibility of protecting our local community. We strive to be a good neighbour to our locals and prioritize their safety and comfort at our site in Veendam. We are always prepared to receive feedback and answer questions. 

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