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The KISUMA™ 5 brand name represents environmentally safe magnesium hydroxide which is used as non-toxic flame retardants. The magnesium dihydroxides (MDH) produced by our proprietary and unique technology are highly pure white powders. 

Key features

  • Does not generate toxic fumes or corrosive gas 

  • Improves the arc and tracking resistance of polymers 

  • Preferred across industries as a safer high-performing material

Inorganic flame retardant 

KISUMA™ 5 products start to decompose endothermically at temperatures above 340°C, which results in the formation of magnesium oxide (MgO) and water (H2O). When this occurs, KISUMA™ 5 provides flame retardancy in three steps. 

1. The release of water results in cooling and decreased pyrolysis of the polymer. 

2. The released water dilutes the fuel/oxygen ratio. 

3. The MgO that is generated works as a protective layer that provides a smoke suppressant effect. 

During this process, KISUMA™ 5 does not generate poisonous or corrosive gas. 

Green-fuelled performance 

KISUMA™ 5 is an excellent flame retardant and smoke suppressant that does not generate toxic fumes or corrosive gas. It has outstanding processability characteristics resulting from a special surface treatment and its extremely fine and consistent particle size benefits a range of functions.

KISUMA™ 5 can be compounded to high concentrations in polymers and improves the Melt Flow Index (MFI) and flexural modulus of polypropylene. On top of this, KISUMA™ 5 improves the arc and tracking resistance of polymers and works as an effective heat stabilizer for resins containing halogens.   

KISUMA™ 5 Products

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Industry standard grade.

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Outstanding low temperature flexibility and mechanical properties.

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Extraordinary water and acid resistance and wet electrical properties.

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Improved processability and mechanical properties such as rubber flexibility.

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Many years of fruitful collaborations with industry leaders has resulted in our current portfolio of KISUMA™ 5 products. We are sure that we have a solution for your specific needs.