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Kisuma 5 flame retardant for cablesFor halogen-free applications that require high heat stability, we at Kisuma Chemicals recommend our high purity magnesium hydroxide flame retardants. The brandname for this range of materials is Kisuma 5®. The magnesium hydroxide products in this range are specifically developed to be excellent halogen free flame retardants in thermoplastics and rubbers.

Product Description

The Kisuma® 5 band name represents a range of magnesium hydroxides, which are inorganic compounds with the formula Mg(OH)2. The magnesium dihydroxides (MDH) produced by our proprietary and unique technology are highly pure white powders. These products can be used as non-toxic flame retardants in high temperature processes due to their endothermic decomposition at high temperature. Specifically, the Kisuma® 5 products start to decompose endothermically at temperatures above 340 oC, which results in the formation of magnesium oxide (MgO) and water (H2O). When this occurs, Kisuma® 5 provides flame retardancy in three steps.

  1. The release of water results in cooling and decreased pyrolysis of the polymer.
  2. The released water dilutes the fuel/oxygen ratio.
  3. The MgO that is generated works as a protective layer that provides a smoke suppressant effect.

During this process, Kisuma® 5 does not generate poisonous or corrosive gas.

Advantages of Kisuma® 5

  • Kisuma® 5 is an excellent flame retardant and smoke suppressant that does not generate toxic fumes or corrosive gas.
  • Kisuma® 5 has outstanding processability characteristics resulting from a special surface treatment and its extremely fine and consistent particle size.
  • Kisuma® 5 can be compounded to high concentrations in polymers.
  • Kisuma® 5 improves the arc and tracking resistance of polymers.
  • Kisuma® 5 improves the Melt Flow Index (MFI) and flexural modulus of polypropylene.
  • Kisuma® 5 has synergistic effects with red phosphorus and carbon black.
  • Kisuma® 5 is also effective as a heat stabilizers for resins containing halogens.

Available Product Grades

The Kisuma® 5 brand comprises a comprehensive range of product grades, each specifically tailored to meet specific requirements.

  • Kisuma® 5A, the industry standard grade.  
  • Kisuma® 5B for outstanding low temperature flexibility and mechanical properties.
  • Kisuma® 5B-1G for improved processability and mechanical properties.
  • Kisuma® 5J for extraordinary water- and acid resistivity and wet electrical properties.


If you would like to have more information about the available Kisuma® 5 grades or potential applications, contact our Marketing and Sales department. Our experienced product managers are ready to support you with all your enquiries.


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