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With increasing global population, the agricultural sector is playing a vital role for society. In order to stay on par with market and regulatory requirements, the sector depends heavily on technologically advanced materials to optimize yields in the most sustainable way. Kisuma is helping to address these trends by offering sustainable, durable, efficient solutions.

Key features

  • Increasing the chemical resistance of agricultural plastics to increase lifespan

  • Optimizing applications by allowing plastics to replace less efficient materials

  • Reducing water consumption through innovative plastic irrigation systems

  • Cutting-edge technologies which increase crop yields and nutritional value

Plastics built to withstand anything

Agricultural plastics are used in a variety of ways on farms, from irrigation and fertilizer distribution to pesticide spraying, grain transfer, greenhouse films and more. In order to fulfil their functions, these plastics must be specifically designed to withstand a range of environmental stresses and strains, including exposure to water purification chemicals, soil, fertilizer and even fire. Kisuma’s advanced additives contribute to long-term stabilization and protection against polymer degradation when exposed to these conditions.

Greener solutions

Advanced agricultural plastics boast many benefits, such as replacing inferior, less-efficient materials, reducing water consumption/waste, as well as enabling advanced technologies which ultimately lead to more, or better produce.

Contributing to greater food security

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Reduced waste Thumb
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Specific applications in this category

Specific applications in this category Thumb

DHT™-4, by strengthening the resistance of UV stabilizers to common agricultural acids, is an ideal additive for producers of agricultural masterbatches which are used to produce greenhouse films.

Suitable products

Specific applications in this category Thumb
Irrigation & Piping

DHT™-4 is a popular additive for polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) pipes used in farming applications, and it provides long-term stabilization and protection against polymer degradation when exposed to numerous corrosive elements.

Suitable products

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