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The automotive industry is evolving at a rapid pace. Electrification, light weighting, requirements for higher recycled plastics content, increasingly complex electronic systems—and Kisuma is at the forefront of innovation. Kisuma holds the keys to helping the automotive industry navigate these and any other obstacles down the road.

Key features

  • Giving OEM producers tools to select alternatives for lighter and lower cost materials

  • Providing plastics thermal stability required for high-heat applications

  • Our high-purity materials provide the best electrical resistivity

Responding to automakers’ demand for advanced materials

Kisuma is helping to fuel the automotive industry with plastic additive solutions that go the extra mile. With high-performing lines used to stabilize formulations commonly used in nylon and polyolefin, end users are assured that corrosion and swelling is mitigated with reduced water-carryover and strengthened chemical resistance. From under the hood, down to the rubber hitting the pavement, Kisuma's stabilizing additives are designed to deliver in these high temperature applications.

Driving the way forward

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Specific applications in this category

Specific applications in this category Thumb
Thermoplastic Compounds

We are a key supplier to many automotive compounders, especially those that produce injection molded parts with halogenated or organophosphorus flame retardants. DHT™-4 products are used to stabilize the formulations in materials such as nylon or polyolefin, helping to avoid corrosion of molding equipment and the release of toxic smoke.

Suitable products

Specific applications in this category Thumb
Rubber Compounds

DHT™-4 contributes to thermal and chemical resistance of synthetic rubber parts such as fuel hose inner liners and seals. Crucially, these additives do not cause swelling in contact with moisture as they do not contribute to water-carryover.

Suitable products

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Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, Elastomers (C.A.S.E.)

Products in the DHT™-4 range can function as stabilizers of raw materials or finished products. For paint coatings, these additives provide anti-corrosion, shelf-life extension, improved weatherability, and stain and blooming reduction benefits.

Suitable products

DHT-4A™ DHT™-4V DHT-4A™-2 DHT™-4C
Specific applications in this category Thumb
Wire & Cables

Kisuma supplies stabilizing additives designed to assist very demanding applications, including for high-temperature wire and cables typically found under vehicle bonnets. Key products for automotive cables include the ALCAMIZER™ and DHT™-4 ranges to stabilize flame retardants, and the metal deactivating KW2200.

Suitable products

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