Kisuma Chemicals researches a myriad of new applications for existing and new productsThe Research and Development department of Kisuma Chemicals is constantly on the look-out for opportunties to develop new applications for our current products and the products we are developing. Today, the majority of the synthetic hydrotalcites and magnesium hydroxides produced in our factory find their way into plastic applications, such as PVC and Polyolefins. However, our materials have properties that are interesting for a much wider range of applications. The is an extremely large amount of scientific publications available, especially involving hydrotalcites and layered double hydroxides in general, describing the advantages of these products in fields where they have not yet found commercial application, including:

We are technically and commercially interested in all developments with our materials. Our R&D strategy is strongly based on cooperation with other industrial and scientific partners. If you have suggestions or ideas for new developments, do not hesitate to contact our R&D department to explore common grounds.




Continuity Through Innovation

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