A trailer is being loaded with products from Kisuma ChemicalsThe portfolio of Kisuma Chemicals is an umbrella consisting of three branded product lines:

  • Alcamizer® is the name for our branded range of hydrotalcites especially designed for PVC applications. These environmentally friendly materials are halogen scavengers in heavy-metal free stabilizer systems, such as Calcium Organic Stabilizer (COS) or Tin stabilizing systems. 
  • DHT-4A® is the brandname for a family of hydrotalcites developed specifically for irreversible acid scavenging in polymer production and processing systems. The flagship product of this range, DHT-4A®, is the only product of its kind to be on the approval list of practically all polyolefin technology providers globally.

  • Kisuma 5® is our brand of magnesium hydroxides, that are used as non-toxic flame retardants in thermoplastics and rubbers. The unique properties of the Kisuma 5® products allow high concentration compounding without loss of mechanical properties, which makes these materials suitable for use in high temperature cables that need to be halogen free. 

Next to these established branded products, which are all considered to be the best of their kind, research and development is one of our core activities. We are a company that is fully commited to producing specialty magnesium products and layered double hydroxides. We are constantly investigating new applications for our current products and for products that are yet to be developed. It is our strong convinction that the most effective way to achieve Innovation is by working together. That's why we are always open for new ideas.



Continuity Through Innovation

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