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Our product range


ALCAMIZER™ is the brand name for our range of hydrotalcite products specifically designed for PVC. These environmentally friendly materials are acid scavengers in heavy metal-free stabilizer systems for PVC.

Key features

  • Non-toxic alternative that enables non-heavy metal heat stabilization system 

  • Perfect for lead-free and tin replacement systems 

  • Prevents further acceleration of PVC degradation 


DHT™-4 is the flagship of our branded range of synthetic hydrotalcite-like materials. It is considered to be the industry’s gold standard for deactivation of acidic residues in polyolefins. Through irreversible deactivation of acidic substances, DHT™-4 ensures your polymers are protected and will perform to their full potential. Our products protect your assets from corrosion, prevent deactivation of functional additives, increase hydrolytic stability and improve organoleptic properties.

Key features

  • 3x more effective than traditional acid scavengers  

  • Global technical- and food contact approvals

  • Perfect for acid scavenging for polymer production and processing 


The KISUMA™ 5 brand name represents environmentally safe magnesium hydroxide which is used as non-toxic flame retardants. The magnesium dihydroxides (MDH) produced by our proprietary and unique technology are highly pure white powders.

Key features

  • Does not generate toxic fumes or corrosive gas 

  • Improves the arc and tracking resistance of polymers 

  • Preferred across industries as a safer high-performing material

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