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Acting now for a greener future 

Climate change and the challenges facing our environment require urgent, collective, and sustained action – on a governmental, societal and commercial basis. As a leading industrial player, we understand and thrive on the responsibility to create solutions that help to address these challenges.  

Safeguarding our environment for future generations 

Beyond supplying customers with the products they need, Kisuma is on a mission to help decarbonise the industrial sector for the betterment of the environment we live in. We do this by:  

  • Developing products that enable more sustainable practices across industries 

  • Cooperating with peers in the industry and with intragovernmental bodies such as the European Union 

  • Constantly assessing, evaluating and enhancing our own processes to operate more sustainably  

Over the last 5 years...


Less landfill waste


Decreased water consumption per ton of product


Reduced gas consumption


Cut of carbon emmissions

Always on hand to answer your queries

Kisuma’s experts are happy to answer questions and chat further. Send us a message and we’ll connect you with a member of our team.