Kisuma Chemicals tests heat stability of Alcamizer in PVC compounds for customersOur non-toxic magnesium compounds find their way mainly to the engineering plastics and polymer processing industry. Their main applications include:

  • Heat stabilization of PVC products, as a replacement for lead containing compounds. Our hydrotalcite-like compounds specialy produced for application in a PVC matrix are the (co)-stabilizers of choice in Calcium Organic Stabilizers (COS) systems. These products are marketed under the brandname Alcamizer® and are used in COS systems for rigid as well as flexible PVC applications.
  • Flame retardancy of e.g. wire and cables used in automotive and ICT applications, as an alternative for bromine or phosphorous based compounds. Our flame retardant grades magnesium hydroxide, brandname Kisuma 5®, are unmatched in terms of quality and performance. Both production and application of these materials are covered by numerous patents.
  • Halogen scavenging in polypropylene and other bulk polymers. DHT-4A® and other materials from this family are hydrotalcite-like compounds applied as halogen scavengers in e.g. polyolefin systems. These materials are used to scavenge corrosive acidic residues from polymerization catalysts such as Ziegler-Natta, Friedel Craft and Mettalocene catalysts.

Besides these well known applications, to which we are and will always be an extremely dedicated supplier, we are highly interested in all developments with specialty magnesium compounds, particularly Hydrotalcite. From our factory in the Netherlands, we are able to support our customers in development projects that involve existing, but also newly developed hydrotalcite products. The intrinsic properties of our hydrotalcites are interesting for a range of applications, including anti-corrosion in Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants and Elastomers (CASE), Catalysts and Catalyst Supports, Controlled release and Sorbents.



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