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Kisuma Chemicals produces highly pure synthetic magnesium compounds. We are the world's largest producer of synthetic hydrotalcite. Our products are used as acid scavengers and halogen free flame retardants by polymer production and processing industries around the world. To introduce new products for existing and new applications, such as catalyst supports, sorbents, anti-corrosion or controlled release, we co-operate with customers, universities and research institutes.

Pallet of Alcamizer P93


Hydrotalcite products specifically designed for heavy metal free PVC stabilizer systems.

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DHT-4A halogen scavengers


Irreversible acid scavenging in polymer production and processing systems.

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Kisuma 5 non-toxic flame retardants

Kisuma® 5

Halogen-free flame retardants for thermoplastics and rubbers.

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XRD is key equipment for our R&D work


Collaborate with our R&D department to develop new materials and applications.

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Continuity Through Innovation

Latest News

Kisuma Chemicals and Mitsui & Co. sign new agreement

Kisuma Chemicals and Mitsui & Co. sign new agreement

24 April 2017

As of April 1st, 2017, Kisuma Chemicals B.V. (''KCBV'') and Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbH (''Mitsui'') have entered a new contract. This signals a new phase in the long lasting alliance forged by the two companies. For more than 18 years, Mitsui has acted as distributor of the synthetic magnesium hydroxide and hydrotalcites...

Hydrotalcite pioneer new CEO of Kyowa Chemical Industry

Hydrotalcite pioneer new CEO of Kyowa Chemical Industry

19 July 2016

Dr. Shigeo Miyata, who pioneered the development of industrial production methods for synthetic hydrotalcite-like materials in the 1970's, has been assigned as Representative Director (''Sachoo'') of Kyowa Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. (Kagawa prefecture, Japan). Until July 1st, Dr. Miyata was working in the capacity of Research & Development Director. The current...

Optimising hydrotalcite for PVC processing

Optimising hydrotalcite for PVC processing

02 April 2014

During the 12th International PVC Conference, held in Brighton, Kisuma Chemicals presented an article about the optimisation of hydrotalcite-like compounds for PVC heat stabilizers. For the article, dispersion of Alcamizer P93 (P93) in air, water and in the PVC matrix was studied. P93 primary particles are platelets of 200-500 nm...

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