Price Increase Announcement

logowebsEffective June 1st, 2022 or as existing contracts allow, Kisuma Chemicals BV is increasing prices for its polymer additives. The price increase is driven by unprecedented surging raw material, transportation and energy costs and will apply to the Alcamizer®, DHT-4® and Kisuma 5® product lines. 

Additionally, the extreme and unpredictable market conditions require Kisuma Chemicals BV to introduce a balanced Hardship Clause in all its contracts, due to the lack of clear visibility on cost of logistics, energy and availability of several feedstocks. A Hardship clause can be applied, if there is an event or change of circumstance beyond the control of Kisuma Chemicals BV, which fundamentally alters the accustomed conditions of our business partnership. Under such conditions, which Kisuma Chemicals BV unfortunately now experiences, each party shall have the right to ask for re-negotiation in fairness to both parties and to avoid an excessive burden in the fulfilment of contractual obligations.

The global supply chain has gone through very dynamic cost and availability challenges during the past year, which have now intensified further by the current crisis in Ukraine. However, under current circumstances, contractual price validity needs be managed on a short-term basis because of hardship situations that are beyond our control, to ensure the business continuity of all parties.

Kisuma Chemicals BV is fully committed to your security of supply and we want to continue our long-lasting cooperation. We already proved that during the recent Covid-19 crisis, we were able to supply our valuable partners with product, without any delay or compromise to your operations. 


Continuity Through Innovation

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