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Dutch COVID-19 measures: Kisuma ensures continuity of vital process

Kisuma: No interruption of supply to customersVeendam, April 01, 2020

The Dutch government announced tougher measures against the outbreak of COVID-19 (the illness caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus). Among the measures is the closing of schools and childcare centers ("schools") until April 28, 2020. Schools will remain open for children of parents with vital jobs (e.g. emergency services) or working in vital sectors. Large scale production and storage of (petro)chemical substances has been identified as a vital process by the Departmental Coordinationcentre for Crisismanagement (DCC). This also applies to Kisuma Chemicals. Consequently, children of critical Kisuma employees are allowed to go to school, so that their parents can continue working and safeguard availability of our products. 

We take our responsibilities related to this status very serious.  Until today, our operations and ability to supply remains unaffected. As usual, we maintain an inventory of at least 2 months worth of finished products for our customers. To further minimize the risk on critical functions of our process, we have implemented additional precautions including:

  • Kisuma crisis team is meeting on a daily basis to discuss the latest situation and (effect) of measures taken. 
  • Employees with complaints of a respiratory tract infection (e.g. coughing) are expected to report this to their manager.
  • Working from home according to a specific schedule is supported when technically possible. All interns work from home.
  • Employees are expected to postpone all meetings with external companies. We remain in close contact with suppliers and customers via other means (phone, videoconferencing, e-mail).
  • Employees are requested to travel seperately and avoid public transportation.
  • Employees who have traveled by airplane are strongly advised not to come to office within two weeks after the flight.
  • Employees are requested to maintain appropriate distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other.
  • The company restaurant is closed. Effective immediately, employees are allowed to eat eat at their work stations.
  • The measures remain in effect until April 28, 2020.

Furthermore, all employees are expected to follow recommendations of the RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and the Environment) including:

  • Washing hands regularly and thorougly
  • Cough and sneeze inside your elbow
  • Use tissue paper

With the implementation of these measures, we believe that we can ensure continuity of supply to our valued customers. We will continue to monitor and share updates as the situation develops.



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