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Announcement: Cooperation with Mitsui & Co. to be discontinued


Kisuma Chemicals BV is the global manufacturer of Alcamizer®, DHT4®, KISUMA® and other related products. Historically, our products have been represented by Mitsui & Co. in different capacities. Mitsui & Co has made many contributions and services to our business over the last 20 years, which helped to make the partnership a success. However, we have now decided not to extend the contract with Mitsui and can deal directly with you our valued customer.

Effective April 1st, 2020, sales, technical services and logistics of all Kisuma products can be directly handled by Kisuma Chemicals BV, including but not limited to the following product lines:

  •  ALCAMIZER® series
  •  DHT-4® series
  •  KISUMA 5® series
  • KW-2xxx series

We kindly ask all customers to register Kisuma Chemicals BV as the vendor for these products. Above all, we want to enforce our full commitment to supply security and a seamless and sustainable transition without impacting your consumption or critical lead times. Along the transition period, we absolutely welcome any of your business to be conducted through Mitsui & Co. as usual.

We at Kisuma are excited about the necessary changes of our business model and potential improvement it can bring to our customers. Everyone on our team will do his/her utmost to make this transition a positive experience for you our customer.


Continuity Through Innovation

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