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Feedback BRZO inspection June 2019

On June 20 2019, a BRZO inspection was conducted at Kisuma Chemicals. During the inspection, the inspection team checked if Kisuma meets the requirements stated in the BRZO legislation. The BRZO legislation is the Netherlands’s implementation of the EU’s SEVESO III directive, designed to prevent major accidents. There are over 400 “BRZO companies” in the Netherlands.

The inspection team focused especially on three topics during this inspection:

  1. The way KCBV handled the points of improvement resulting from the 2018 inspection;
  2. The organization and personnel;
  3. Special inspection topics:
    • Ageing of equipment
    • Passive fire protection

Positive remarks from the inspection team included the way Kisuma is acting upon recommendation of the previous audit (March 2018). The inspection team also made positive remarks about internal communication and training of personnel and finally a positive remark was made on passive fire protection.

The inspection team did not find any violations. However, the inspection team did find some points of improvements. These are incorporated into Kisuma's internal improvement cycle.

Overall, we are pleased with the outcome of the inspection which confirms that we complying with BRZO legislation.



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