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Kisuma Chemicals launches webshop.kisuma.com

Kisuma Chemicals, a 100% subsidiary of Kyowa Chemical Industry (Sakaide, Japan), has launched a webshop for its products. The online store, which runs on the Magento 2.0 framework, is aimed to serve European customers that are looking to buy relatively small order quantities. Historically, these customers have been served by distributors since Kisuma Chemicals only accepted full pallet orders (40 bags). Now, customers have the possibility to order quantities starting with just one bag directly to the leading manufacturer of hydrotalcites and other synthetic magnesium products.

Mathijs Preenen, Sales Product Manager at Kisuma Chemicals, says: ''Our webshop is a new sales channel that allows us to serve customers directly in a convenient, fast and safe way. Although B2B webshops are not yet widespread, buying products online has become an integral part of everyday life. Most of us are familiar with ordering electronics, clothes and even groceries online. We figured that buying chemical products in a professional capacity is not so different. So far, feedback from over 10 customers who have already used the webshop since its inception has been largely positive.''  

At first the webshop of Kisuma Chemicals will only offer products that are manufacturered by Kisuma Chemicals in the Netherlands. This includes established products such as Alcamizer 1, DHT-4A and Kisuma 5A. Soon, European customers will also be able to buy the high quality Magnesium products produced by Kyowa Chemical Industry. All orders will be shipped directly from the stock of Kisuma Chemicals in Veendam, the Netherlands.



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