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Introducing our new corporate logo

logowebsWe proudly present our new corporate logo, which will be implemented by all companies of Kyowa Chemical Industry as of July 2017. The new logo underscores the transition of our group to a global company. The new image features elements of the previous logo's of Kyowa Chemical Industry (Sakaide, Japan) and Kisuma Chemicals (Veendam, the Netherlands). The name Kisuma originates from the brand name of one of our top products, a magnesium hydroxide product line that is especially dedicated to halogen free flame retardant solutions. This name was selected for good reason, because providing environmentally safe solutions is right at the core of our very existence. Through our expertise in magnesium based chemistry, we strive to develop and manufacture products that can truly contribute to the societies that we live in.

The new logo will gradually but rapidly be implemented on all publications, websites, stationery, marketing materials, signage, packaging and other expressions of Kisuma Chemicals.


Continuity Through Innovation

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