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Kisuma Chemicals and Mitsui & Co. sign new agreement

As of April 1st, 2017, Kisuma Chemicals B.V. (''KCBV'') and Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbH (''Mitsui'') have entered a new contract. This signals a new phase in the long lasting alliance forged by the two companies. For more than 18 years, Mitsui has acted as distributor of the synthetic magnesium hydroxide and hydrotalcites in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. During this time, KCBV focused mainly on manufacturing and product development. Now, the time has come for a change. KCBV is taking full responsibility for their products, both technically and commercially. At the same time, Mitsui has assumed the role of agent. In that function, Mitsui will support KCBV and its customers with all commercial, logistic, financial or technical service as required. It is the expectation of KCBV and Mitsui that this new cooperation will be beneficial for all customers. Meanwhile, all customers have been approached by representatives of Mitsui or KCBV to inform them about the renewed cooperation by this official letter.



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