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Optimising hydrotalcite for PVC processing

During the 12th International PVC Conference, held in Brighton, Kisuma Chemicals presented an article about the optimisation of hydrotalcite-like compounds for PVC heat stabilizers. For the article, dispersion of Alcamizer P93 (P93) in air, water and in the PVC matrix was studied. P93 primary particles are platelets of 200-500 nm by 30-100 nm in size as determined by scanning electron microscopy. The primary particles coexist with secondary particles. These particles are formed through interactions through the hexagonal planes of several up to dozens of primary particles. Their size, as determined by laser diffraction methods, is ~0.9 µm. Larger, weakly bonded, tertiary particles can range from 5 to up to 2000 µm. It can be tentatively concluded that the level of dispersion of P93 in PVC is up to the level of primary and secondary particles.

P93 was recovered from PVC after thermal stability tests and was studied with X-ray diffractometry in order to study structural changes. The data show that P93 is not converted to its metal chlorides under the employed conditions.

Read the full article here.


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