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Novel corrosion inhibitor: Hydrotalcite with amino-acid interlayer

Novel hydrotalcite can boost coating performanceVeendam, July 20, 2015

Kisuma Chemicals, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyowa Chemical Industry (Kagawa, Japan), has developed a method to incorporate organic interlayer anions in its range of synthetic hydrotalcite-like materials (from now: hydrotalcites). Although the development of hydrotalcites and other layered double hydroxides (LDH) with organic interlayer anions has been widely reported in academic literature, the availability of such materials on a relevant commercial scale is non-existent. Major challenges include environmental concerns, efficiency issues and the carbonate uptake by hydrotalcites under atmospheric conditions. The efforts of Kisuma Chemicals have resulted in a method that has been demonstrated on the R&D line of Kisuma Chemicals, which is a small scale version of the company's commercial production technology. Kisuma Chemicals is planning to test the production technology on a larger scale later this year.

Kisuma Chemicals sees potential to use this concept to introduce new corrosion inhibitors for coatings, concrete and other applications. The company has particularly high expectations for a hydrotalcite with an interlayer of para-aminobenzoic acid (commonly referred to as PABA) and related structures, which will be tested by several prospective customers. This novel hydrotalcite product adds dual functionality to coating formulations, (1) the deactivation of corrosive anions and (2) the consequent triggered release of a film forming corrosion inhibitor. The hydrotalcite with PABA has promising properties for corrosion protection of steel- and aluminium alloys.

Next to corrosion inhibition, the production methodology can potentially be used to unlock a wide range of other applications, such as the encapsulation and controlled release of drugs or vitamins. Kisuma Chemicals invites interested parties to submit their ideas and suggestions for specific materials to the company's R&D department.



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