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Price Increase USD based shipments

Veendam, November 16, 2007
The continuous upward pressure on costs for energy, raw materials and transportation in combination with a rapidly dropping USD / Euro exchange ratio has forced Kisuma Chemicals BV to increase the prices for their Alcamizer® and DHT-4 line of magnesium based plastics additives, effective December 1 or as contracts allow, with USD 0.3/kg for all overseas shipments.
This increase is needed to secure the continuity of the company's operation in the Netherlands. It will also help support capacity investments needed to ensure the supply of these synthetic hydrotalcites in the future.
Kisuma Chemicals BV is the European affiliate of Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. from Japan. Since 1999 the company operates a plant in the Netherlands that is serving the polymer producing and processing industry with magnesium based heat stabilizing, halogen scavenging and flame retardant products. By the end of 2009 this plant will be the world's largest production site of synthetic hydrotalcites (layered double hydroxides).
Kisuma is one of the fastest growing companies in the North of the Netherlands. In the last 5 years the turn-over has more than doubled, to exceed Euro 40 mln in 2006. In honor of this, in 2005 the company was rewarded with the prestigious Top Gazelle award. Also in 2006 and 2007 it was one of the nominees. Currently Kisuma employs approx. 70 people. For the near future a further increase, both in turn-over and in personnel, is foreseen.
Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is an independent worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of magnesium and aluminum fine chemicals, mainly for pharmaceutical and plastics applications. Currently Kisuma Chemicals BV is their only overseas branch. Worldwide (excluding Asia-Pacific) marketing and sales of their industrial products is coordinated from Kisuma's head office in Veendam, the Netherlands.
Further info on Kisuma and Kyowa's company activities may be found at www.kisuma.com
For further info about this press release, please contact Dr Teus Wigmans, deputy general manager of Kisuma Chemicals BV (tel. +31 598 666766 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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