CO2 abatement with hydrotalciteLayered Double Hydroxides (LDH) are inorganic compounds with positively charged hydroxide layeres and charge balancing anions (and water molecules) in the interlayer region of the crystal structure. The interlayer anions are mobile, resulting in anion exchange properties. Based on factors such as pH and the available competitive anions, LDH can trap the competitive anion in its interlayer region and simultaneously release the anion that was originally incorporated in the material. The anion exchange properties of LDH makes this class of materials very suitable for use as regenerable sorbents. Possible applications include:

  • CO2 abatement
  • Recovery of valuable resources from water
  • Radioactive disposal systems
  • Remove SOx from flue gas

Kisuma Chemicals is interested to explore any collaboration project related to the application of hydrotalcites and other layered double hydroxide as adsorbents.

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