Other innovative ideas

Kisuma Chemicals always welcomes initiatives for joint developmentKisuma Chemicals is interesed to discuss all innovative ideas with Layered Double Hydroxides or other specialty magnesium compounds. Here are some ideas that might give you inspiration for your own developments:

  • Increased acid resistance of articles by hydrotalcites
  • Hydrotalcites as precursors for ceramics
  • Magnesium hydroxide as highly pure magnesium source for chemicals or ceramics
  • Hydrotalcites as advanced anode materials for batteries
  • LDH materials as pseudocapcitators
  • High aspect ratio Magnesium Hydroxide and Hydrotalcite to improve barrier properties of polymeric encapsulation solutions

If you are looking for a partner to upscale your innovative concepts based on hydrotalcite or other magnesium compounds, we are the company to go to. Contact our R&D department to start exploring the possibilities with us.


Continuity Through Innovation

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