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Controlled release from LDHThe research and development team of Kisuma Chemicals is aware about the possibilities of using layered double hydroxides such as hydrotalcites for the encapsulation and controlled release of active (anionic) substances. Kisuma Chemicals would like to establish co-operations with parties who are, like us, interested to explore the potential of this concept.

Layered Double Hydroxides are anionic clays, consisting of alternating stacked cationic layers and charge compensating anions (and water molecules) in the interlayer region. The most common interlayer anion is CO32-, but NO3-, Cl- and SO42- are also well known interlayer anions. More complex, organic anions can also be incorporated, replacing the initial anions. Materials with these interlayers can be obtained by direct co-precipitation, anionic exchange or reconstruction of the layered structure from calcined derivatives of the original materials.

The above described characteristics make these materials very suitable for usage as inorganic containers for storage and triggered release of functional anionic species. Applications for this technology include:

  • Drugs can be incorporated in the LDH interlayer and released controllably. While inside the LDH, the drug molecules are protected against biological, chemical and thermodynamic degratation which increases long-term stability.
  • Anti-corrosive anions can be incorporated in the LDH interlayer, which creates a dual effect during excellerated corrosion tests. For example, when dispersed in a coating, LDH including an anti-corrosive species will trap corrosive anions (e.g. Cl-) and simultaneously release the corrosion inhibitor.

These are just examples, while many other applications might be opened by this technology. If you are interested to explore the possibilities, contact us today!

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Would you like to know more about the possibilities of hydrotalcites and other layered double hydroxides for the controlled release of active substances? Contact our R&D department.  



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