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Kisuma Chemicals operates state-of-the-art lab equipment for quality assurance Kisuma Chemicals produces two classes of synthetic magnesium products in Veendam (the Netherlands), Hydrotalcite and Magnesium Hydroxide. Our factory is conveniently located close to a highly pure and reliable source of Magnesium Chloride. That's why Magnesium is central in our organization and in our vision for the future. In this section, you can read more about the background of both materials, including our history of producing them and applications that have been developed by us. 

We consider ourselves, through our parent company Kyowa Chemical Industry (Japan), to have been at the forefront of the development of synthetic hydrotalcite and we are still dedicating a significant amount of resources to R&D, and we are still dedicating a significant amount of resources in R&D, in order to continue the development of this material in new applications.

Next to developments with our current products, we are always open to explore the possibilities to produce new, specialty magnesium compounds with our unique and proprietary production technology. The focus of our research department is not only on hydrotalcites, but on all materials from the layered double hydroxide family.

About Us

The factory of Kisuma Chemicals in VeendamKisuma Chemicals manufactures synthetic magnesium compounds in Veendam, the Netherlands. Our Hydrotalcite and Magnesium Hydroxide products are used as acid scavengers and magnesium hydroxide by polymer production and processing industries around the world. To introduce new products for existing and new applications, we cooperate closely with customers, universities and research institutes. Magnesium is central in our Mission and Vision, but we are technically and commercially interested in all layered double hydroxides.

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyowa Chemical Industry (Kagawa prefecture, Japan), the first company to industrially synthesize hydrotalcites in 1966. In the years that followed, continuous research and product development has ensured that the quality and expertise of Kyowa Chemical Industry and its subsidiaries are still unrivalled in the market today. As a group company, we are the leading producers of synthetic hydrotalcites and specialty magnesium materials in the world.

Our factory in Veendam, the Netherlands, was opened in 1999, but construction work practically never stopped. Having expanded the initial production capacity of the factory significantly, we can now produce close to 30,000 tons of magnesium compounds per year. This means that we operate the largest single production facility for synthetic hydrotalcites in the world. Our products are available any time - any place - any quantity, because we plan our production based on forecast rather than by order. This ensures optimal support and flexibility to our customers.

Global Network

Kisuma Chemicals is part of a truly global group, which supplies products from six factories to customers all over the world. In close collaboration with our sister companies in Japan, China and the U.S. we are fully dedicated to ensure optimal support to our customers.

 Kyowa Group locations





Veendam, October 8, 2013

In the last couple of years the average price of our Alcamizer® products, that are used as co-stabiliser in PVC, has eroded with approx 10%. In the same period our production costs have increase with a similar percentage. As a result, the margins for this business have disappeared completely.

In order to safeguard the continuity of our company, to ensure that we will remain a reliable and innovative partner for our customers and to guarantee an undisturbed supply also in the future, for next year and after this trend has to be stopped. As a consequence, for 2014 we will seek for a price increase of 5% when contracts allow.

Kisuma Chemicals BV is the European affiliate of Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. from Japan. Since 1999 the company operates a plant in the Netherlands that is serving the polymer producing and processing industry with magnesium based heat stabilizing, halogen scavenging and flame retardant products under the brand names Alcamizer®, DHT- 4A® and Kisuma® This plant is the world's largest production site of synthetic hydrotalcites (a.k.a. layered double hydroxides). Approximately one third of its products are shipped to overseas destinations, the rest is for local (means European) use. Main end applications are found in the construction and the automotive industry, in wire and cable, profiles, sheets, pipes and fittings.

After the start-up of the company in 1999 approx Euro 80 mln has been invested to triple its original capacity. In the period 2000 – 2007 Kisuma was one of the fastest growing companies in the North of the Netherlands, to reach a turnover of Euro 40 mln in 2007. Due to the international crisis, in the period 2008 – 2009 the turnover dropped with approx 30%. Since 2010, volume-wise we are back on the pre-crisis level. Currently Kisuma employs approx. 80 people and the outlook for the immediate future is moderately positive.

Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd is an independent worldwide leading manufacturer and supplier of magnesium and aluminum fine chemicals, mainly for pharmaceutical and plastics applications. Since some time Kyowa is producing and marketing also magnesium based OTC medicines, specifically for the Japanese domestic market. Marketing and sales of their industrial products outside Asia Pacific is coordinated from Kisuma's head office in Veendam, the Netherlands.

Further info on Kisuma and Kyowa's company activities may be found at www.kisuma.com

For further info about this press release, please contact Dr. Teus Wigmans, business director of Kisuma Chemicals BV (tel. +31 598 666766 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )


Continuity Through Innovation

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