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Kyowa Chemical Industry in Sakaide, JapanKisuma Chemicals is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Kagawa Japan (Kyowa), who developed the industrial synthetis of hydrotalcite in 1970. Today, Kyowa is renowned for the production of a wide range of Magnesium compounds with unique and environmentally friendly technologies. Examples of such products include:

  • Magnesium oxide
  • Magnesium hydroxide
  • Synthetic hydrotalcite
  • Magnesium carbonate

Customers of Kyowa use these products for a variety of applications. Next to the well known industrial applications, such as non-toxic plastic stabilizers, Kyowa also supplies to customers from the Food Industry, who use their products as food additives. Another important market for Kyowa is the Pharmaceutical industry, where their magnesium based products are used as antacids, excipients and laxatives.

Highlights from the History of Kyowa Group

  • 1947 Kyowa Chemical was founded by Yoshio Matsushima to produce and market magnesium oxide for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • 1950 Production of magnesium hydroxide and magnesium oxide started.
  • 1952 Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. was established.
  • 1956 Yashima plant and Tokyo office opened.
  • 1957 Production of dried alumium hydroxide gel started.
  • 1960 Sakaide plant opened.
  • 1966 Research and Development Department opened in Takamatsu.
  • 1970 Developed the world's first industrial synthesis of hydrotalcite.
  • 1977 Production of DHT-4A, a halogen scavenger for polyolefin and other plastics, started.
  • 1981 Production of Alcamizer, a heat stabilizer for PVC , started.
  • 1982 Production of Kisuma 5, an inorganic flame retardant, started.
  • 1985 Ryohei Matsushima was inaugurated as president.
  • 1992 New Research and Development Department building opened in Sakaide.
  • 1993 Keizo Matsushima was inaugurated as President.
  • 1997 Kisuma Chemicals BV in The Netherlands established. 
  • 1998 New head office opened at 17 August in Sakaide.
  • 1999 Kisuma Chemicals BV started to produce Alcamizer, DHT and KISUMA 5 in the Netherlands.
  • 2005 Pharmaceuticals Division established. 
  • 2007 Production facilities of Pharmaceuticals Division opened.
  • 2009 Dandong Songyuan Chemicals in China established.
  • 2012 Opening of second Sakaide factory
  • 2014 Establishment of sales office Kisuma Americas, Inc. in Houston, USA.
  • 2015 Establishment of sales office Kisuma Asia Singapore, Pte., Ltd.

Continuity Through Innovation

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