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Kisuma keeps 3 months worth of product in stock at all timesWithin the Kyowa Group, Kisuma Chemicals is responsible for manufacturing, marketing and trading special magnesium compounds worldwide, with the exception of Asia / Pacific Rim. These non-toxic products find their way mainly to the engineering plastics and polymer processing industry. For these markets, our top performance products are aimed to offer environmentally friendly solutions at affordable prices. They are generally recognized as the best of their kind and we take great pride in keeping up this quality image of both our products and our company.

We are a financially secure and reliable business partner that can supply products anywhere in the world, at any time and in any quantity. Our products are always available, because we plan our production based on forecast rather than by order. This ensures optimal support and flexibility for our customers.

Our parent company, Kyowa Chemical Industry (Kagawa, Japan), was the first company in the world to succeed in the industrial synthesis of hydrotalcite. This material was first introduced as an antacid for the pharmaceutical industry. Since then, Kyowa and its wholle owned subsidiary Kisuma Chemicals have continuously worked on product optimization and development, to ensure that our quality and expertise are still unrivalled in the market today.




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